A day in the life of Carl Banks – Client Manager at Jan McDermott & Co


Carl Banks, 24 from Wallasey is the only male in the Jan McDermott & Co office and as such has had to get used to being told what to do (read: bossed about) by five women. However, as he has remained in this, his first job on leaving school, we think he secretly likes it.

Carl’s daily satisfaction is seeing everything he is working on reconciled at the end of the day. He is very hands on with his clients and is in constant contact with them with help and advice on matters such as management accounts, bookkeeping and tax issues.

Carl’s largest client, who he has looked after for five years, operates a number of bars and has recently taken on in house bookkeeper due to their growth. This has given Carl the opportunity of adding another string to his bow: training people in the art of bookkeeping. This, in addition to the public speaking Carl has undertaken at careers and business events, add variety to an accountant’s day to day role.

‘I had to overcome my fears with the public speaking side of things but have found that the more I do it the easier it is getting. I also enjoy training people, and am excited that the firm has embraced Xero in the way we have. We train our clients on this user friendly software and then use it between us so we each have the information we need and can make good business decisions’ says Carl.

When he’s not up to his eyes in spreadsheets Carl enjoys kicking a football about with his five a side team, and following the successes, and occasional dips, of Liverpool FC.

Rightly proud of his qualification as an accounting technician (AAT), which he has gained since working at the Jan McDermott & Co office, Carl says he ultimately has his eye on the top job – watch out Jan!