Business Advice Service (BAS)

The ICAEW Business Advice Service has been set up to promote the use of ICAEW Chartered Accountants, such as Jan McDermott & Co, by businesses.

Firms in the ICAEW Business Advice Service will offer an initial consultation at no charge to SMEs and start-ups, and advise them on their business needs. 



Through BAS we offer business advice on how to overcome the following challenges:

  • how to grow a business
  • securing loans, capital and finance
  • keeping staff and creating new jobs
  • meeting tax and regulatory requirements
  • export planning
  • planning for long-term sustainable growth
  • accounting records and software
  • performance measurement.

Contact us through the ‘arrange a consultation’ form on the right and we will be happy to take you through a free advice clinic on how to overcome your current business challenges.