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Getting ready for MTD for VAT10-Dec-2018

The start date for Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT is fast approaching – from the start of your..

Tax-free Christmas parties03-Dec-2018

Although the tax legislation contains an exemption to prevent employees from suffering a benefit..

Take advantage of the Annual Investment Allowance26-Nov-2018

The annual investment allowance (AIA) allows businesses to obtain an immediate deduction against..

Pass on your house free of IHT19-Nov-2018

The introduction of the residence nil rate band (RNRB) opens up the possibility of leaving the f..

Give away £3,000 IHT-free each year12-Nov-2018

There are various exemptions for inheritance tax purposes which enable a person to make tax-free..

Claim a deduction for pre-trading expenses05-Nov-2018

As a general rule, a deduction is allowed for expenses that are incurred wholly and exclusi..

Inheritance Tax and potentially exempt transfers05-Oct-2018

It is possible to make gifts during your lifetime free of Inheritance Tax (IHT), as long as you ..

Overpaid tax? How to claim it back28-Sep-2018

There are various reasons why you may have paid more tax than you needed to for a tax year. For ..

Dividend income – How is it taxed in 2018/19?21-Sep-2018

The taxation of dividend income was reformed from 6 April 2016. Since that date, dividends are p..

High Income Child Benefit Charge14-Sep-2018

The High Income Child Benefit Charge is effectively a clawback of child benefit paid to ‘high in..

Rent-a-room: New restrictions07-Sep-2018

Rent-a-room relief offers the opportunity to enjoy rental income of up to £7,500 tax-free from l..

Private lettings relief31-Aug-2018

Lettings relief potentially shelters some of the gain from capital gains tax on the disposa..

VAT capital goods scheme24-Aug-2018

The VAT capital goods scheme affects input tax recovery in relation to high value capital a..

Claim a deduction for work clothing17-Aug-2018

Many employees are required to wear a uniform for work. Even where there is no set uniform ..

Rewarding staff suggestions in a tax-free manner10-Aug-2018

Many organisations operate a staff suggestion scheme and reward employees where a suggestio..

Beware tax scams03-Aug-2018

HMRC regularly warn taxpayers to be alert to fraudsters purporting to be from HMRC. Recently, th..

Are your workers employees?27-Jul-2018

Employee status continues to be in the spotlight. The Government are consulting on proposals to ..

Employment allowance – have you claimed it?20-Jul-2018

The employment allowance is a National Insurance allowance which is available to qualifying empl..

Paying family members the right way13-Jul-2018

Many small businesses, whether incorporated or not, pay family members for working for the busin..

​ Tax-free income from renting out your drive06-Jul-2018

Your drive may not normally warrant a lot of attention— however, it may have the pote..

Do we need to register for VAT?22-Jun-2018

A business must register with HMRC for VAT if its VAT taxable turnover is more than the VAT..

Making Tax Digital for VAT – what records must be kept digitally15-Jun-2018

Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT starts from 1 April 2019. VAT-registered businesses whose ..

We're recruiting for a client manager!08-Jun-2018

We have an exciting new role in our expanding firm of chartered accountants. Reporting t..

Reporting benefits in kind for 2017/1811-May-2018

Taxable expenses and benefits provided to employees during the 2017/18 tax year need to be repor..

​Interest relief for landlords – the next stage04-May-2018

The way in which landlords can obtain relief for interest payments and other finance costs is mo..

Extracting profits as dividends27-Apr-2018

Dividends provide an opportunity to extract profits in a tax-efficient manner. As a rule of thum..

Auto Enrolment – are you ready for the changes?04-Apr-2018

Between 6 April 2018 and 5 April 2019 the minimum contribution to pensions is 5% with at least 2..

Tax code changes for 2018/1930-Mar-2018

Tax codes are the lynchpin of the PAYE system – unless the tax code is correct, the PAYE system ..

Cash basis for landlords23-Mar-2018

Since 6 April 2017, the cash basis has been the default basis for qualifying landlords running a..

Paying expenses – what can you ignore for tax purposes?16-Mar-2018

Employees often incur expenses when doing their job. For example, an employee may be required to..

Spring Statement15-Mar-2018

The Chancellor's 2018 Spring Statement (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=149793) gave the government ..

Paying dividends – are they properly declared09-Mar-2018

For many personal and family companies, the most tax-efficient way to extract profits is to pay ..

Do I qualify for tax free childcare?02-Mar-2018

Parents with children under the age of 12 can now take advantage of the Government’s tax-free ch..

A regular treat – making the most of the trivial benefits exemption27-Feb-2018

A new tax exemption was introduced with effect from 6 April 2016 which enables employees to..

Correcting VAT errors20-Feb-2018

Making a mistake in your VAT return is easily done. Maybe you missed something out acciden..

Profit extraction: method 1 - taking a salary12-Feb-2018

There are various ways of taking money out of a company and each method has its own tax and..

Disincorporation relief – claim it while you can07-Feb-2018

Changes to the taxation of dividends have reduced the tax advantages associated with operating a..

Corporate gains – end of indexation allowance31-Jan-2018

To date, companies have been able to benefit from relief for inflationary gains in the form of i..

Mileage rates for landlords24-Jan-2018

In preparation for the introduction of digital recording and reporting, landlords with unincorpo..

Protect your lifetime allowance19-Jan-2018

The pensions lifetime allowance places a cap on overall tax-relieved pension savings. Pension sa..

Taxation of Savings – what can you have tax-free?17-Jan-2018

There is no one answer to the amount of savings income and, for 2017/18, the answer can range fr..

National Minimum Wage and sleep-in shifts12-Jan-2018

There has, historically, been some confusion as to whether, and when, the National Living Wage (..

Self assessment payments on account12-Jan-2018

As the self-assessment deadline looms, it is not only necessary to consider what might be owing ..

Tax-free rental income of £8,50005-Jan-2018

By making the most of the rent-a-room relief and the £1,000 property income allowances, it is po..

SDLT – how much will you pay?02-Jan-2018

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) was the headline-grabbing measure in the Autumn Budget on 22 November..

Christmas Cheer15-Dec-2017

Moderation in all things is the taxman’s motto when it comes to tax-free Christmas parties. The ..

Marriage Allowance01-Dec-2017

Recent press reports suggested that up to two million couples may be missing out on a valuable t..

Autumn 2017 newsletter24-Nov-2017

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* The latest news and..

Autumn Statement 2017 and your business24-Nov-2017

The Chancellor's 2017 Autumn Budget contained some important announcements and confirmed a numbe..

Claiming tax back on gift aid donations17-Nov-2017

Gift aid can be very valuable to charities and to community amateur sports clubs (CASCs), as for..

New Payroll Manager10-Nov-2017

Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants are delighted to announce that Nicky Webster has ta..

Are you claiming your free childcare?03-Nov-2017

Two new schemes are helping working families to reduce their childcare bills but the onus is on ..

Effective salary sacrifice arrangements02-Nov-2017

A salary sacrifice arrangement is one where an employee gives up some of his or her cash salary ..

IHT – the transferable nil rate bands26-Oct-2017

For inheritance tax (IHT) purposes, there are now two nil rate bands – the basic nil rate band a..

How to complain about HMRC17-Oct-2017

There may be a number of reasons why a taxpayer is unhappy about the service that they have rece..

Using the advisory fuel rates13-Oct-2017

While company cars remain a popular benefit, few employers now pay for all the fuel (business an..

Letting out your holiday home09-Oct-2017

If you have a holiday home and decide to let it out, you may be able to benefit from the slightl..

IHT-free giving02-Oct-2017

Many people, particularly as they age, worry about how they can provide for their family without..

Working out your dividend tax bill 25-Sep-2017

Dividends are a special case when it comes to tax and have their own rates and rules. The taxati..

Bigger, better, smarter21-Sep-2017

Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants are delighted to have moved into their new offices ..

Company losses and what to do with them 18-Sep-2017

Although it is clearly preferable to make a profit rather than a loss, this is not always possib..

Landlords: dealing with capital expenditure under the cash basis 11-Sep-2017

From 2017/18 onwards, the cash basis is the default basis for landlords with rental profits of l..

NIC and the self-employed07-Sep-2017

Change is on the horizon – from April next year, the self-employed will only pay one Class of Na..

Claiming tax relief for employment expenses31-Aug-2017

In most cases, employees will be able to claim back any expenses that they incur in doing their ..

Starting a business - what profits are taxed?24-Aug-2017

An unincorporated business pays tax on what is known as the `current year basis’. This means tha..

Mileage payments07-Aug-2017

Employees and the self-employed alike often need to undertake business journeys and mileage paym..

Annual investment allowance31-Jul-2017

The annual investment allowance (AIA) is a capital allowance that enables a business to write of..

PAYE Settlement Agreements24-Jul-2017

A PAYE settlement agreement (PSA) can be a useful tool. It enables an employer to agree with HMR..

Want to join us? We're looking for a Payroll Manager...19-Jul-2017

The successful candidate will be self motivated with a professional approach and must have exper..

Relief for early year losses17-Jul-2017

Many businesses make losses in the early years as they struggle to become established. The tax s..

Let property campaign 10-Jul-2017

The Let Property Campaign is an initiative by HMRC to encourage those with undeclared renta..

Why choose a Chartered Accountant?29-Jun-2017

Legally anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ – they don’t need any qualifications, trainin..

Is it time to transform your business?26-Jun-2017

Wirral company Village Roofing and Building Solutions () (VRBS) has started a voyage of discover..

Corporation tax and trading losses13-Jun-2017

Relief may be available where you operate your business through a company and you make a loss. T..

A quick overview of capital gains tax06-Jun-2017

Capital gains tax is payable on net gains to the extent that they exceed the annual exempt amoun..

Property development – are you trading?22-May-2017

For many, buying a property, doing it up and selling it for a profit is an attractive propositio..

NICs and the self-employed15-May-2017

Following the Spring Budget, the National Insurance treatment of the self-employed hit the headl..

Employment allowance – can you benefit?08-May-2017

The National Insurance employment allowance can reduce an employer’s National Insurance bi..

Company cars in 2017/1802-May-2017

Company cars are a popular benefit and are often something of a status symbol. But, they have al..

Making Tax Digital – Voluntary pay as you go24-Apr-2017

As well as the requirement to make a digital return and keep digital tax records, the Making Tax..

Making Tax Digital – Extending the cash basis10-Apr-2017

The cash basis is an easier way for smaller businesses to work out their taxable profit. Under t..

Rewarding and encouraging innovation 31-Mar-2017

You don't have to run a cutting edge technology firm to claim R&D tax relief - but you do ne..

Reduced pensions annual allowance for high earners20-Mar-2017

The pensions annual allowance places a cap on tax relieved contributions, which can be made to a..

Using the capital gains tax exempt amount13-Mar-2017

As the end of the 2016/17 tax year draws to a close, it may be worth taking stock of your capita..

We have moved!07-Mar-2017

As part of our ongoing expansion we have moved to bigger and better premises around the corner from ..

March 2017 Newsletter03-Mar-2017

The latest news and views from Jan McDermott & Co L..

Salary Sacrifice after April 201727-Feb-2017

To date, salary sacrifice arrangements have been a popular way for employees to benefit from ta..

Interest relief for lettings – making the most of the old rules22-Feb-2017

The mechanism by which landlords receive tax relief for interest and other finance costs is chan..

Nine months, 53 races, 270 miles07-Feb-2017

Another 64 competitive miles were clocked up in December and January for Jan McDermott’s Marat..

A better way to serve our payroll clients06-Feb-2017

Jan McDermott and Co Chartered Accountants is delighted to introduce its new sister company Payr..

Glancing back, driving forward01-Feb-2017

Now that January is over and we’ve filed all our clients' self-assessment tax returns we h..

A day in the life of Carl Banks – Client Manager at Jan McDermott & Co25-Jan-2017

Carl Banks, 24 from Wallasey is the only male in the Jan McDermott & Co office and as such h..

VAT Flat rate scheme – is it for me?23-Jan-2017

The VAT flat rate scheme is an optional simplified accounting scheme for small businesses. The s..

New allowances for trading and property income16-Jan-2017

In his 2016 Budget speech, the Chancellor announced two new allowances would be introduced from ..

Cast your vote for the Women In Business Awards09-Jan-2017

Jan McDermott is delighted to announce that she has been nominated for the Women in Business Awa..

Owe tax to HMRC – take advantage of a campaign 09-Dec-2016

Taxpayers who have not told HMRC about all their income and gains can make a disclosure online. ..

Keeping the Christmas party tax-free29-Nov-2016

The Christmas party is an annual tradition for many companies, but the frivolities would be some..

Autumn Statement 2016 and how it affects you23-Nov-2016

Please download our Autumn Statement 2016 Newsletter here. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=139950) ..

Tax relief for research and development costs22-Nov-2016

Investing in research and development can be a costly business with no guarantee of recovering t..

Mobile phones – a tax-free benefit15-Nov-2016

Employers often provide employees with the use of a mobile phone and, structured correctly, they..

Challenge and a half11-Nov-2016

Jan McDermott has passed the halfway point in her year long Marathon a Month campaign running fo..

Securing our clients’ information10-Nov-2016

Clients of Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants are now benefitting from cloud based doc..

Using loan trusts08-Nov-2016

While giving away assets and hoping to live for seven years afterwards can take them out of the ..

Paying subsistence expenses using benchmark rates04-Nov-2016

The old dispensation regime came to an end on 5 April 2016 to be replaced with a new statutory e..

Disincorporation relief03-Nov-2016

Recent changes to the tax treatment of dividends may lead people to question whether it may be b..

Cash basis – is it for you?28-Oct-2016

As we move closer to a digital age, HMRC have recently published proposals to extend the opportu..

A marathon of races 21-Oct-2016

September saw Jan McDermott smash her target 26.2 miles by clocking up 48 competitive miles in r..

Giving away your home21-Oct-2016

Many people worry about inheritance tax and, for the majority of people, their home is their mos..

Winner Sarah Jarrett!20-Oct-2016

Sarah Jarrett of Memory Frames was the winner of the ‘chocolate surprise’ prize from..

Making the most of your personal account14-Oct-2016

The personal tax account is an online tax account for individuals. The personal tax account enab..

Termination payments – what is changing?07-Oct-2016

The Government has been looking at the tax and National Insurance treatment of termination payme..

Cash basis – is it for you?27-Sep-2016

As we move closer to a digital age, HMRC have recently published proposals to extend the opportu..

Cash in hand – beware20-Sep-2016

It is sometimes mistakenly believed that you do not need to tell HMRC about payments that you re..

September 2016 Newsletter20-Sep-2016

The latest news and views from Jan McDermott &a..

Come and say hello...19-Sep-2016

Wirral and Chester Business Fair is the place to be on Wednesday 21st September for profess..

Property losses – what can you do with them 13-Sep-2016

For income tax purposes, income from land or property in the UK which is owned by the same perso..

4 months on and 100 miles run08-Sep-2016

The Marathon a month campaign (/announcements/join-us-to-run-a-marathon-a-month), which sees Jan..

Business and private use – what can you claim? 31-Aug-2016

If you run your own business, you can deduct allowable expenses in working out your taxable prof..

Team effort for July’s ‘Marathon a Month’ 22-Aug-2016

Managing Director of Jan McDemott & Co Chartered Accountants, Jan McDermott has set herself..

Xero Gold Partner awarded to Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants09-Aug-2016

Jan McDermott & Co has become one of only five Merseyside Accountants to achieve Gold Partne..

Landlord – interest relief restriction: deduction v tax reduction27-Jul-2016

In his July 2015 Budget, the Chancellor dealt a blow to landlords with his announcement that fro..

Dividend tax rules for 2016/1720-Jul-2016

A new set of rules applies to tax dividend income from 6 April 2016 onwards. Under the new rules..

Overpaid tax last year? How to claim it back13-Jul-2016

The 2015/16 tax year ended on 5 April 2016. If you have overpaid tax for that year, what do you ..

A cautious eye on the impact of Brexit29-Jun-2016

In not wanting to make a knee jerk reaction to the impact of the country voting to leave the EU,..

The challenge is up and running...29-Jun-2016

The Marathon a Month campaign (

Simple ways to save you money22-Jun-2016

Here at Jan McDermott and Co we like to seek out the best ways for our clients to save money on ..

Equip yourself with the HR knowledge you need23-May-2016

Thank you to all our clients who attended our recent HR seminar with Peninsular. It was a g..

Business Leaders briefing03-May-2016

Please join us at Rowton Hall Hotel for an interactive Business Le..

Join us to run a marathon a month03-May-2016

The team at Jan McDermott & Co has launched a charitable campaign to see them get fit for th..

May 2016 Newsletter03-May-2016

The latest news and vi..

Landlords hit again12-Apr-2016

The last couple of months have seen the introduction of a number of initiatives hitting buy-to-l..

Are your CIS returns online? They need to be...14-Mar-2016

HMRC has introduced mandatory online filing of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) returns and ve..

Income tax relief for trading losses16-Feb-2016

Where an unincorporated business, such as a sole trader, suffers a trading loss, there are vario..

ICAEW Fellowship for director Rachel Wood09-Feb-2016

Jan McDermott and Co is delighted to announce that director Rachel Wood has achieved her Fellows..

Second homes – buy now to avoid SDLT supplement09-Feb-2016

One of the Chancellor’s shock announcements of the 2015 Autumn Statement was that a new 3%..

Profit extraction – making the most of the current dividend tax rules02-Feb-2016

The way in which dividends are taxed is changing from 6 April 2016. For basic rate taxpayers, th..

Back to school27-Jan-2016

Jan McDermott & Amy Wall yesterday represented ICAEW at a careers convention at West Kirby ..

Looking to sell your company? Plan ahead to get the best tax relief13-Jan-2016

If you're an entrepreneur looking to sell your company then some planning ahead will help you ma..

Businesses investing more than £25,000 in plant and machinery – take note15-Dec-2015

The annual investment allowance (AIA) falls from £500,000 to £200,000 for companies ..

How will the Autumn Statement affect you and your business?26-Nov-2015

Please download our guide to the Chancellor’s 2015 Autumn Statement here. (/LiteratureR..

November 2015 Newsletter09-Nov-2015

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Jan McDermott team ..

A new Chartered Accountant at Jan McDermott & Co26-Oct-2015

Jan McDermott & Co is delighted to announce that Amy Wall has successfully completed all her..

Another successful exhibition22-Oct-2015

Thank you to everyone who came along to see us at the LVBizExpo on 13th October. The event at th..

Come and see us at LVBizExpo07-Oct-2015

Jan McDermott & Co is once again exhibiting at the Liverpool Business Exhibition (LVBizExpo)..

Announcing Our 10th Anniversary05-Aug-2015

You may have seen us featured on the Wirral Chamber of Commerce website, announcing our 10th ann..

Jan McDermott & Co Client Case Study - Innov8 Safety Solutions05-Aug-2015

Alan Robson, founder of Innov8 Safety Solutions in Wirral, has sold his business to Gateshead-ba..

2nd Budget Report July 201509-Jul-2015

We have carefully reviewed all the main points from the Budget and produced a report with all th..

Funding options to help develop your business26-Jun-2015

We can help find your business additional funding Jan McDermott and Co has been selected as..

Capital Gains Tax for non-residents changes10-Jun-2015

Capital Gains Tax for non-residents - Click here for Government guidelines (

Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants10-Jun-2015

We are proud to be associated and working closely as a partner with The Liverpool Society of Cha..

Champagne Winners26-May-2015

Congratulations to Chris and Nick from Imageplay in Liverpool, who won a bottle of champagne aft..

Employment Allowance Update07-May-2015

Employment Allowance Much to the surprise of some small employers the employment allowance contin..

Wirral Chamber of Commerce Blog05-May-2015

We have been featured on the Wirral Chamber of Commerce Blog. The focus is on Jan McDermott ..

HMRC underestimated impact on small firms of new VAT rules28-Apr-2015

Here is an article you may find interesting regarding the new VAT rules and the potential impact..

Business is Great - Britain22-Apr-2015

The Governments Growth Voucher Scheme for Businesses has now ended and we were pleased to have t..

Zero Rate Band31-Mar-2015

Zero rate band From 6 April 2015 the “starting rate” of income tax will be reduce..

March 2015 Newsletter25-Mar-2015

Latest news from Jan McDermott & Co. Chartered Accountants ..

Class 2 National Insurance18-Mar-2015

Class 2 National Insurance Payments From April 2015 the collection of Class 2 NICs w..

Growth Vouchers Scheme17-Mar-2015

Jan McDermott is registered as a supplier to deliver under the Growth Vouchers Scheme although a..

Getting the news you want, the way you want15-Dec-2014

If you like the stories you read in our newsletter or on our website then please follow the Jan ..

Looking to network your business to success?15-Dec-2014

Jan McDermott & Co Director Rachel Wood invites all Wirral businesses looking to grow, to come a..

A day in the life of Jan McDermott04-Dec-2014

Jan has been Managing Director of her own firm of Chartered Accountants since 2005. She has buil..

December 2014 Newsletter04-Dec-2014

December news from Jan McDermott and Co Latest news from Jan McDe..

Stamp duty reforms and business rates feature in pre‑Election Autumn Statement04-Dec-2014

Notwithstanding the mixed economic news, the Chancellor unveiled a number of key measures with t..

35% contribution to accountancy advice fees for growing companies01-Dec-2014

If you're looking to grow your business and need some expert advice to help then the New Markets..

Having a Christmas Party? What you're legally entitled to claim for27-Nov-2014

With Christmas day only four weeks away (as we post this) you're likely to be having a works Chr..

Not sure how to choose your accountant? Come and see us informally27-Nov-2014

If you are looking for a new accountant then perhaps this would be more easily done in an inform..

Support Small Business Saturday27-Nov-2014

Jan McDermott & Co, along with the majority of their clients, are a small business and as su..

Claiming 225% tax relief on research and development activities24-Nov-2014

If you’re a small or medium sized enterprise paying corporation tax and investing in resea..

Tax return deadline 31st January19-Nov-2014

The busiest time of year is looming for accountants and the team at Jan McDermott & Co want to h..

Employing someone for the first time? There are a few things you need to know...10-Nov-2014

Growing your business is an exciting stage to be at, and employing someone for the first time is..

October 2014 Newsletter03-Nov-2014

October news from Jan McDermott and Co Latest news from Jan McDer..

HMRC’s credit card sales campaign30-Oct-2014

The Credit Card Sales Campaign ( is an opportunity to bring y..

Coffee and cakes... all for a good cause09-Oct-2014

On Friday 26th September Jan McDermott & Co joined the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in a..

Looking to get your accountancy advice funded?08-Oct-2014

Jan McDermott & Co are registered advisers of the Growth Vouchers scheme where you may be ab..

National Minimum Wage now £6.50 per hour06-Oct-2014

On 1st October 2014 the National Minimum Wage increased to £6.50 per hour with more than 1 mil..

Fake ‘HMRC’ email scam suggests taxpayers have been taken out of SA and need to click to sign up aga24-Sep-2014

We have been alerted to a new variant on the numerous email scams aimed at taxpayers. Purporting..

Jan McDermott & Co exhibition success24-Sep-2014

Jan McDermott & Co recently took part in their first business-to-business exhibition and are..

Childcare vouchers - a win win for employees and employers28-Aug-2014

If you are one of our payroll clients, are you aware that we can manage childcare vouchers for y..

Saving money for creative businesses28-Aug-2014

HMRC have recently introduced some fantastic tax breaks for companies within the creative indust..

A business to business opportunity not to be missed20-Aug-2014

Jan McDermott & Co are exhibiting at the Liverpool Business Exhibition (http://www.lvbizexhibiti..

HMRC sends incorrect information to employers and agents20-Aug-2014

HMRC has written to some employers and agents with incorrect information about PAYE overpayments..

A manifesto for long term prosperity in the UK13-Aug-2014

From Michael Izza, CEO of ICAEW: Ahead of the 2015 General Election, Britain faces a choice...

Jan McDermott & Co to deliver advice to help start-ups grow06-Aug-2014

A Wirral financial expert is set to deliver strategic start-up advice as part of the Government&..

Looking to grow your business? Improve your customer service09-Jul-2014

Helping our clients to grow their business (

£2000 off your national insurance bill04-Jun-2014

In a bid to encourage companies to employ more people the Government has introduced an ‘em..

Advice for landlords28-May-2014

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has recently launched the ‘Let Property Campaign’ targ..

Helping the region’s SMEs grow14-May-2014

Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants has signed up to help SMEs (small and medium enterprise..

New website for growing business01-May-2014

Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants launches a new website as it enters its 10th year of tr..

Are you ready for Auto-Enrolment?24-Apr-2014

We are currently helping a number of clients to prepare for the Auto-Enrolment of pensions which..

Women In Business - Jan McDermott04-Apr-2014

“Women are equally capable as men of achieving anything they want as long as they want it ..

The 2014 budget and how it affects you and your business20-Mar-2014

Please follow this link to download our guide to the 2014 budget (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID..