Securing our clients’ information


Clients of Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants are now benefitting from cloud based document sharing.

Jan McDermott & Co has recently launched its cloud based document sharing system and is rolling this out to all its clients. This system allows safer transfer of business and financial documents between the practice and their clients. The secure document upload system prevents clients, and Jan McDermott & Co itself, from having to email sensitive information or send it on storage devices or as hard copies through the post, as this method is considered to be unsecure. As clients upload documents employees at Jan McDermott & Co are notified and able to get to work straight away. The system is quick, easy to use and has good traceability. Clients are able to upload documents whenever it suits them and keep track of where their work is up to as they can see when documents have been accessed and who is working on them.

In addition to the added security, the system also has green credentials by preventing the need for documents to be printed.

Managing Director Jan McDermott says “The new system is of great benefit to our clients as it means all their information is in one place for them to access, amend or approve. There is no cost to the client and the streamlined system offers great time savings for both us and our clients, giving us more time to help clients grow their businesses.”

If you would like more information on secure document transfer and how it works please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 9000 691 or email