Rewarding and encouraging innovation


You don't have to run a cutting edge technology firm to claim R&D tax relief - but you do need to demonstrate that your investments are improving processes, productivity or services.

From 1 April 2015, the relief an SME can claim increased to 230% on their qualifying R&D costs. Loss-making companies can, in certain circumstances, surrender their losses in return for a payable tax credit.

Creating new processes, products or services, making appreciable improvements to existing ones and even using science and technology to duplicate existing processes, products and services in a new way can all be eligible for this tax relief. But pure product development in itself does not qualify.

Some examples of qualifying activities include software development, engineering design, new construction techniques, bio-energy, cleantech, agri-food and life and health sciences.

At Jan McDermott & Co we have recently grown our portfolio of clients having successfully claimed R&D tax credits. Amy Wall is our specialist in this area and can be contacted by email or on 0151 649 1700 for an initial discussion.