New website for growing business

14-May-2014 Jan McDermott & Co Chartered Accountants launches a new website as it enters its 10th year of trading. 

From its inception in 2004, the company has grown to a staff of six and is located in the heart of Wirral’s professional service district at Hamilton Square in Birkenhead. 

The time was right to start shouting about everything the business does for clients and to try and demystify the world of accountancy for small businesses. 

Director Jan McDermott says, “The core of the business remains the same and our ethos to be helpful and friendly continues. 

“However the company has grown, and so have our clients, and it was time for the website to reflect this positive move.” 

Having analysed their clients the company realised that they predominantly fell into nine categories, each with their own quirks, and wanted to advertise their knowledge in these areas. The ‘Your business’ section comforts clients that Jan McDermott & Co has specific expertise across these key sectors. 

Jan continues, “Also having avoided it in the past we wanted to start listing our services as we were getting feedback that people weren’t aware of everything we did above and beyond the standard compliance work. We hope that the ‘Our Services’ section and the regular news that we are posting 
will overcome the ‘I didn’t know you could do that’ response we often receive from clients. 

“We’re delighted with the new website that SYS Marketing created for us. SYS focused on some key issues such as enabling it to work well across a number of platforms, including mobile, and linking it to our social media channels and allowing us to manage effective email campaigns.”