Equip yourself with the HR knowledge you need


Thank you to all our clients who attended our recent HR seminar with Peninsular. It was a great event at Rowton Hall and we're sure that those who came along learnt some important lessons for their business. 

From the fact that employees have over 80 employment rights from day one of their employment, to the average cost to a business of an employee going to tribunal being £8,500, the event was an eye-opener to the attending business owners. There are numerous legislative changes that companies need to keep on top of, a few mentioned being around flexible working, social media use and employees using their own cars. Companies need to know how to ensure they are legally covered in every eventuality that could face them. 

As a client of Peninsular, Jan McDermott & Co has taken on board advice and improved the procedures it currently has in place for health and safety in the office as well as upgraded to the online software for managing the company's HR. 

Managing Director Jan McDermott said "It was a sobering thought that most companies would not recover from a fire decimating their premises. And how the responsibility lies with the company directors if anything were to happen to their employees due to the company's negligence."

Being on the side of the employer Peninsular has solutions for all size of businesses and companies can decide how much they would like the firm to do.  

If you would like Jan McDermott & Co to arrange for you to meet Peninsular then we would be more than happy to make the introduction, just drop us an email to info@janmcdermott.co.uk or call us on 0845 9000 691.