Childcare vouchers - a win win for employees and employers


If you are one of our payroll clients, are you aware that we can manage childcare vouchers for you? Childcare vouchers are a Government initiative to help working parents who can receive up to £243 a month of childcare vouchers from their employer, free of tax and National Insurance.

Most childcare vouchers are provided through salary sacrifice, which means parents receive their vouchers instead of part of their salary.

Each parent can save hundreds of pounds a year, simply by swapping taxable salary for tax-free childcare vouchers. 

With such high savings available, childcare vouchers are popular with employees. As a result, childcare vouchers can improve staff morale, reduce absenteeism and provide advantages in recruitment and retention.

Employers also benefit from National Insurance savings, worth up to £402 a year per scheme member.

The employer can choose the scheme they want however we tend to use Kiddivouchers. Their Employer Information pack is below

Kiddivouchers Employer Information Pack Kiddivouchers Employer Information Pack (594 KB)

KiddiVouchers childcare vouchers can be used for a wide range of childcare, for children up to age 15. Their vouchers are accepted nationwide by:

• Nurseries, pre-schools and playgroups
• Childminders
• Nannies and au-pairs
• Out-of-school clubs and holiday clubs

Please contact if you would like us to set up childcare vouchers for your payroll scheme.