A new Chartered Accountant at Jan McDermott & Co


Jan McDermott & Co is delighted to announce that Amy Wall has successfully completed all her exams and become a Chartered Accountant. 

Having supported Amy through her qualifications the firm’s Managing Director Jan McDermott says, “It gives me great pleasure to have Amy in the team as a Chartered Accountant. After the years of hard work and preparing for exams Amy can now settle into her new status without exams hanging over her. Our clients can be assured that they are getting the best advice due to the rigorous studies the chartered status demands.” Amy joins Managing Director Jan and Director Rachel as the company’s third Chartered Accountant. 

Amy joined the practice in 2008 after a summer job working at a local hairdresser. Amy had completed her AS levels and started working on reception at the hairdresser. Soon she was doing all the cashing up and payroll and working 4 days a week alongside studying for the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) exams.

Always one to spot an opportunity Amy approached the hairdresser’s accountants (Jan McDermott & Co) to ask if she could spend a day a week doing work experience.  Jan spotted Amy’s potential and offered her a full time position within a few months and supported her through her training. Once Amy had completed the AAT the firm continued to support her through her studies with the ICAEW to become an ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) which she has now successfully achieved.

Since being with the practice Amy has specialised in working with the creative and digital sector, helping small companies to develop and grow through financial planning. Her passion for this niche sector has helped her to build a portfolio of aspirational clients. Due to the Government’s support of development in the creative and digital sector, Amy is able to offer her clients advice on money saving tax credits. This makes investment for development much cheaper and mitigates her clients’ risk.  She enjoys working in this sector due to the passion and aspirations of the business owners: “These companies are all looking to produce the next best thing that people want. I’m able to advise them on growth plans and help them prepare all the finances and documentation for investment. It means every day is different and I can be involved in some very exciting opportunities for my clients.”

In working with creative and digital companies Amy has learnt what’s important to them and speaks the same language. This experience, and their close knit community, has helped Amy win more work for the firm, a process she enjoys and plans to increase now that she has more time to concentrate on work.

2015 has been a year of change for Amy. As well as becoming a Chartered Accountant she also got married in June, changing her surname from Bryan to Wall. Many congratulations Amy!