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Inheritance Tax and potentially exempt transfers05-Oct-2018

It is possible to make gifts during your lifetime free of Inheritance Tax (IHT), as long as you ..

Overpaid tax? How to claim it back28-Sep-2018

There are various reasons why you may have paid more tax than you needed to for a tax year. For ..

Dividend income – How is it taxed in 2018/19?21-Sep-2018

The taxation of dividend income was reformed from 6 April 2016. Since that date, dividends are p..

High Income Child Benefit Charge14-Sep-2018

The High Income Child Benefit Charge is effectively a clawback of child benefit paid to ‘high in..

Rent-a-room: New restrictions07-Sep-2018

Rent-a-room relief offers the opportunity to enjoy rental income of up to £7,500 tax-free from l..

Private lettings relief31-Aug-2018

Lettings relief potentially shelters some of the gain from capital gains tax on the disposa..

VAT capital goods scheme24-Aug-2018

The VAT capital goods scheme affects input tax recovery in relation to high value capital a..